Saturday, January 9, 2010

Here we go on the new year

Okay, I have a ton of New Years resolutions this year... Which normally I don't bother doing them the the beginning of the year and just make them through out the year, but this year I am motivated.
Although many people have thrown in their own challenges in the mix... trying to not accept to many and just hoping that I will not be crashing and burning with all of them in a not to far off date. One of my goals is to do better with my blog. It has been ages since I have posted anything. So, I will be going through all of my pictures (which I have also been horrible about taking...) and organizing them while putting a summary on here to catch up a bit and be able to get on with the new stuff going on. :) Not sure really how soon this will happen, but it is in the works... of course so are my Christmas cards still :)


Rochelle said...

I miss you blogging! Get to it!

Rochelle said...

ummm your not keeping up on this resolution:)

Hadlock Hideaway said...

Sorry, I know :0