Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We have nothing... but yet everything!!!

Have you ever known that you were being tested, to learn a lesson so that you could be blessed?
Yes, I know that it is kind of a weird question.
I feel this way.
I felt it little bit ago.
Even when I was going threw it, I knew it was a test.
I felt like I was failing it, but yet I didn't do better.
It was a really hard week...
But I will try not to make excuses.
Soon after, knowing that I didn't pass the test, we got hit hard.
Everything started braking.
No money was coming in.
So, easy to forget...
I want to be better...
I have been trying hard to do better...
I have seen the Lord work his miracles when we obey.
I have been blessed with good neighbors and friends.
Thanks for helping me through a hard time.
I will learn my lesson soon.
I hope ;)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Needed Comfort

Yesterday was Easter and in between conference sessions we heading out to go to Tony's parents house.
While we were outside loading, I got the news from a friend that my neighbor had passed away after battling breast cancer for more then a year.
At that point the kids were not aware yet.
(They have four kids.)
My heart sunk when I heard.
She is an amazing women and a wonderful Mom.
I was reminded of a childhood friend who just a few months ago lost his wife to cancer.
(Leaving behind three kids.)
I am humbled with how precious our life is.
I remember on my mission, how it felt when you first got there and it was exciting and new.
Then you learned and grew in your calling...it was like a life time in eternity.
Near the beginning part of the middle of it... it seemed that it would never end and that it was really hard!
Then you past the hump, it keeps going, and you keep plugging along...until you realize that the end is near and you are running out of time quickly!!!
So, you hurry and try to get done as much as you can!
I like to reflect back on that and compare it to my life here on Earth.
Just like on my mission, my life feels at times that it will go on forever!
But then I am reminded at times that it will not.
I need to work hard and do all that I can so that it wont be to late and I can look back and be able to say... I did all that I can.
I need to get rid of the fluff and get down to the really important things about this life.
We've been given this time as a gift to grow, love, share, prove, and save those around us.
Are you making a big enough difference?
I will work harder.

Ward Dance Party!!!

Even Megan had fun at the Ward Dance! (I can't believe that she turns one this month!) This is what inspired the idea of Bekah's Princess Ball Party this Friday. She LOVES to dance and had a blast. I don't think that she ever came off the dance floor. The boys had a blast with the balloons and their friends. Here are a few shots...
Now that is a smile... now you see why we're doing a dance party :) Thanks Rochelle for a great night and for the idea!!!

This is Bekah with her best friend!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Okay, I am finally doing better on my Angela's Accessories blog. Now I will try harder on this one. I think at this point it is a little over whelming to really go back and try to catch up. So, I am going to start writing and posting with the current stuff and then do memory post and pictures as I feel so inclined :) Let's just see how it goes. And Rochelle, even though I have done horriable with this new years resolution I am doing good on most of the others. I have done my Visiting Teaching every month so far this year and am plugging away at the BOM before June :) Working out is still a work in progress too ;)

First I wanted to share some thoughts that I have been having lately. I got to go to the Young Women Auxiliary Training Meeting last night up in Salt Lake with the General YW Presidency. We sat just a few rows away from them and I just must say, they're AMAZING women. We were reminded of the promise that says "When two or more are gathered in my name, then there I will be also." (Not positive that that is an exact quote, but it is pretty close.) There it is again...when you do his work, we can demand that he is there to help. Just like if we follow his commandments... he has promised that we will be blessed and those blessings can not and will not be held from us. We can as we follow the commandments, demand those blessings from our Heavenly Father and we should ask for them. I have been putting this to the test. AND IT WORKS!!! I love how the church for sees a need of the people of the church and they fill it. Plus their are not many churches that tell their women to become scholars of the scriptures (did you notice that in the vt message this last month?). Love it! I love that we are encouraged to "be strong and of good courage", to lead and teach our families and the people around us. I love that we as WOMEN can stand tall! I am so grateful to have witnessed so many things that have only strengthened my testimony of Jesus Christ. Satan is out to make you as miserable as he is, DO NOT LET HIM WIN!!!!

Okay, that is all I have to say, for now. :) Love you!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Here we go on the new year

Okay, I have a ton of New Years resolutions this year... Which normally I don't bother doing them the the beginning of the year and just make them through out the year, but this year I am motivated.
Although many people have thrown in their own challenges in the mix... trying to not accept to many and just hoping that I will not be crashing and burning with all of them in a not to far off date. One of my goals is to do better with my blog. It has been ages since I have posted anything. So, I will be going through all of my pictures (which I have also been horrible about taking...) and organizing them while putting a summary on here to catch up a bit and be able to get on with the new stuff going on. :) Not sure really how soon this will happen, but it is in the works... of course so are my Christmas cards still :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Dad's birthday!

I just realized that I didn't take a better picture of my Dad at the party. (How did that happen?) He is the one in the above picture in the middle. He is also named by my kids Grandpa Byrne the one that gives them candy :) Although that is the first thing that they think of when you say his name, it is by far not the only thing that they love about him. We are always grateful for his help and willingness to watch and play with the kids. Ben loves that he will take time to make smoothies with him and Erik love to wash dishes with him. His birthday is in July ( I know, I know, I am a HUGE slacker!!!). We love you Dad/Grandpa Byrne.

As you can see food is the way to Ben's heart :) We love to watch him eat... although I hope that he doesn't have our food issues.
We met at a park, here is everyone playing red rover.

Ben and Bekah were so cute walking down the pathway together. I love it when they're nice to each other.
This is my oldest brother and his family, my how they've all grown!
It was a great night!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Win Free Family Photos!

My friend Julie is giveaway family photos!

All you need to do is go to


and follow the rules... then wait and jump for joy when

I WIN!!!

Lol, just kidding.
I will be excited if you guys win too.
But I REALLY want it!!!

We haven't had family pictures done in like EVER!!!

So, that is how I feel... with all honesty!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally the 4th of July!

Way... way long over due! I thought about just not posting this, but I wanted to... So, someday I will be caught up and stay caught up... Maybe...okay in my dreams... We had a blast on July 4th! We had friends and family over for our first ever luau! Now it is to late for this year, but we will be doing this tradition every year... so plan on it!! Come next year!!! Some day our hope and dream is to really go all out for this day, but we still had a blast with what we had this year!

Here is Justin (my brother) and my Aunt Frannie (or that is what I like to call Francis anyways:)
This is my brothers Cory and Cody (yes, their twins) and my Dad.
This is my cute little niece that also turned one on this day!
Cody and his soon to be wife Melina... well, now that it is getting posted late... it is coming up next week!! We're really excited for them... aren't they cute!
The rest I will only comment here and there... as you can see we ate great food... even grilled pineapple! Played games...
Hung out...
Played sand box and swing set...

I have the cutest kids EVER!!!! Oh, and do notice the little firecracker bows in Bekah's hair... Way to cute!

Sang to the birthday girl...
What a cute messy girl...
And an even messier girl...lol
Tony made pinacalodas and virgin margaritas for everyone... of course using nothing other then the best blender around... the Vita Mix!
Me and my sis...
We did sparklers...

And had a blast watching Lehi City's fireworks in our back yard with patriotic music Tony put together to go with the show... perfect ending to a perfect night!

Ben fell asleep half way through the fireworks... poor kid was tired out!

Thanks everyone coming we had a blast! Make sure to come next year! The people are what makes it perfect!