Monday, April 5, 2010

Needed Comfort

Yesterday was Easter and in between conference sessions we heading out to go to Tony's parents house.
While we were outside loading, I got the news from a friend that my neighbor had passed away after battling breast cancer for more then a year.
At that point the kids were not aware yet.
(They have four kids.)
My heart sunk when I heard.
She is an amazing women and a wonderful Mom.
I was reminded of a childhood friend who just a few months ago lost his wife to cancer.
(Leaving behind three kids.)
I am humbled with how precious our life is.
I remember on my mission, how it felt when you first got there and it was exciting and new.
Then you learned and grew in your was like a life time in eternity.
Near the beginning part of the middle of it... it seemed that it would never end and that it was really hard!
Then you past the hump, it keeps going, and you keep plugging along...until you realize that the end is near and you are running out of time quickly!!!
So, you hurry and try to get done as much as you can!
I like to reflect back on that and compare it to my life here on Earth.
Just like on my mission, my life feels at times that it will go on forever!
But then I am reminded at times that it will not.
I need to work hard and do all that I can so that it wont be to late and I can look back and be able to say... I did all that I can.
I need to get rid of the fluff and get down to the really important things about this life.
We've been given this time as a gift to grow, love, share, prove, and save those around us.
Are you making a big enough difference?
I will work harder.


Riddle Girl said...

Beautifully said!!!

Rochelle said...

I totally relate mission life to real life. It seems so long when we are in it. But in the mission we know when it is going to end, and we remember home (kind of). I can't believe she is gone...

katie said...

I hope you dont mind me stopping by your blog. I have been thinking the exact thing, I cant get her of my mind and how precious life is. It makes me want to be a better person and try harder!

Kathryn said...

How great that you can find the inspiration to be a better person in every situation. I'm so sad hearing about your friends & the families they've left behind. Our neighbor lost her husband unexpectedly last fall and it left me stunned for days. Yet you found the inspiration to work harder & be better through the same experience.

Thanks for being an inspiration to me.