Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We have nothing... but yet everything!!!

Have you ever known that you were being tested, to learn a lesson so that you could be blessed?
Yes, I know that it is kind of a weird question.
I feel this way.
I felt it little bit ago.
Even when I was going threw it, I knew it was a test.
I felt like I was failing it, but yet I didn't do better.
It was a really hard week...
But I will try not to make excuses.
Soon after, knowing that I didn't pass the test, we got hit hard.
Everything started braking.
No money was coming in.
So, easy to forget...
I want to be better...
I have been trying hard to do better...
I have seen the Lord work his miracles when we obey.
I have been blessed with good neighbors and friends.
Thanks for helping me through a hard time.
I will learn my lesson soon.
I hope ;)

1 comment:

Alli said...

oh angela!! I know what you are saying!! Keep the faith and things will turn out alright!! :) Love ya